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Stem cell controversy

Embryonic stem cells have triggered a lot of debate amongst religious people, political figures, the general public and even a minority of scientists.

Those who oppose embryonic stem cell research liken the destruction of an embryo to an abortion. They think that the embryo is alive because of its potential to develop into a human being. Opponents of embryonic stem cell use claim that it is unethical to end one life in order to save another.

Those who believe in embryonic stem cell research say that an embryo does not constitute as human life because it has not been born. Believers also contend that the costs of several diseases and illnesses, both financially and emotionally, mean that the moral concerns around embryonic stem cell usage are not enough to justify an end to stem cell research.

Is there a solution?

It is improbable that a comprehensive solution will be discovered for the embryonic stem cell discussion anytime soon. Meanwhile, policies within the country and internationally, as well as the collective public views will probably guide the research and therapy efforts stem cell research. There is no question that stem cells have a huge potential for treating disease but regrettably doubts still persist as to the ethical and moral implications of pursuing this potential.


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